Jack Chia Industries (Thailand) Public Company Limited, together with its subsidiaries, is one of the leading manufacturer and distributors of pharmaceuticals and toiletries in Thailand. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly challenged by the need to launch better products faster. However, to achieve this, improving processes isn’t enough anymore, thus Jack Chia decided that it’s time to leverage the power of technology to drive change and a new business model in order to further grow the business.



Jack Chia leveraged Mobile Sales App to empower their team to achieve more. Learn More About Beryl8’s Expertise.

Jack Chia, together with Beryl8, successfully transformed its business, from what was once traditional to one that embraces digital technology by leveraging the power of Salesforce platform and integrating it with their legacy system. With critical customer information available to the team when they need it, where they need it, may it be on desktop or mobile, online or offline, sales are able to connect and service customers more effectively and efficiently.

With Salesforce, they are able to manage leads and accounts, track orders, invoice, payment and inventory, all in one reliable system, improving operational efficiency. Sales are equipped with the right tools and can focus on the most important thing: building and maintaining relationships. All of these ultimately resulted in a revolutionized sales, marketing, and research and development processes. Jack Chia Industries is ready to reach new heights.

“Beryl8’s mobile sales application bridges the gap between our sales representatives, customers, and back office. Our sales reps are able to have more face time with customers, quickly gain market insights, and provide better visibility across all departments – whether they have an internet connection or not.”

- Wanchai Tortermsakdi, Sales Manager